Which Is Best Now? The Nook Vs Kindle Updated Review

Which Is Best Now? The Nook Vs Kindle Updated Review

Nook Vs Kindle – which is the very best? It is so hard to say which e-reader is the best of the best simply because each and every e-reader has their own unique selling points. Of course, users have their own needs too and it can often present a challenge for thousands of individuals. However, while Kindle is the biggest selling device, does that really make it the very best of the best? Well, it’s great but Nook is fast becoming its main rival. So, which is the best device now?

Differences to Price

In all honesty, Nook has a fairly ground price at around one hundred dollars; if you get Plus model you might pay around one thirty. However, the Kindle has more than just one or two models, it has several and they can range from around seventy or eighty dollars all the way up to two hundred and eighty dollars with the premium Oasis model. If you are looking for a simple device then you can be set towards the lower end of the spectrum which can still be just as good as the more costly models. Kindle basic devices are great and so is Nook. Should you buy Kindle? Well, if you are looking for the cheapest e-reading device, the Kindle is for you.

Which Is Best Now? The Nook Vs Kindle Updated Review

Which Formats Can The E-Readers Support?

Kindle can in fact handle a wide variety of formats such as Kindle or AZW, PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, DOCX and JPEG, BMP and many others. On the other hand, Nook is only able to support a select few formats such as EPUB, Adobe DRM EPUB, PDF, BMP, JPG, and a few others. When it comes to deciding between Nook Vs Kindle you have to think about where you are going to buy your eBooks from. Also visit our top article here. Do you plan to buy everyday books? Or, do you plan to read a variety of magazines, books and everything else? If so, your choice can be impacted. However, you will find Kindle offers more supporting formats which can be a major advantage to say the least.

Battery Life

You will find that both the Nook and Kindle offers great battery life! Now, it is said that the Nook is slightly better but of course, it will depend on how often you keep your Wi-Fi on and how often you use the device. Both offer great charges and a good battery life, even if you are playing around with apps. If you need to know more visit this link:https://www.pcmag.com/feature/333467/7-kindle-paperwhite-tips-every-reader-needs-to-know here. However, the basic models of the Kindle are good but it’s said the Oasis is a bit better so again kindle edges the race between the two. Does that mean Nook isn’t good and you should buy kindle? Well, no but you do need to look at other factors too and not just the battery life and its capacities. Nook might be your favorite simply because it looks nice or that you feel it’s the one for you.

What about Book Availability?

In all honesty, Amazon has millions of eBooks currently available on their site and Kindle users can absolutely buy and download them all. However, that doesn’t mean to say Nook still doesn’t have a nice selection of eBooks available because it does – but – the amount available is slightly less than Amazon. Nook Vs kindle; in terms of eBook available, Kindle wins. However, both stores have excellent choices of books and you can absolutely enjoy reading most of them too. There is something for everyone.

Who Wins the Race Overall?

It is so hard to say which E-reader is the best simply because they offer so much. On one hand you have many positive points about the Nook but on another hand, the Kindle has just as many excellent points. It is hard to say and in truth it comes down to what customers like! Unless you have tried the out for yourself, you can’t say one is better than the other. Yes, Nook might be the ideal option for those who already use it but that doesn’t mean to say the Kindle can’t offer them something too; and vice versa. Buy Kindle or Nook and see which offers you the best.