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When it comes to Nook Vs Kindle, there are going to be a lot of people who say that it’s almost impossible to choose! You cannot blame people as to why they have such a hard time determining which e-reader is best for them. On one side of the table you have Nook, a very impressive e-reader with a lot of good quality and on the other side you have Kindle, equally impressive and lots of impressive features! However, what about the new Kindle 3? Has does it compare to your Nook?

Battery Life and Features

Let’s start with the basics! First of all, when it comes to battery life, the two devices are fairly equal. Now, if you are choosing the premium model of the Kindle, the Oasis then you will find this has the edge over the Nook. However, if you are choosing a more basic model of the Kindle then the Nook might have the slight advantage but it isn’t by much. In terms of features you can find there is a built-in light with the Nook unlike the Kindle’s basic models. However, the Kindle Fire as well as the other models has some excellent features including a host of apps! You can easily buy the Kindle paper white case and find it adds something extra too.

Sturdy Built or Shoddy?

A lot of people are worried when it comes to the construction of the e-reader and whether or not they are built to last. In all honesty, the Nook and Kindle are both built to last! Now, of course, if you constantly drop the devices and are generally not careful with them then you will find they won’t last forever. However, if you’re taking good care of your device then they will last a very long time. What is more, the screens are excellent and while the Nook has slightly more resolution, the sharpness of the text with the Kindle is amazing. When it comes to Nook Vs Kindle and their construction, they both share an excellent construction. Both are built strong, very light and extremely durable too.