The Nook vs. Kindle Review – Who Wins?

In the world of e-book readers, there are two types of brands have been faced each other for quite some time: the Nook of Barnes and Noble and the Amazon Kindle. For any consumer who likes devouring the written word, reviewing the Nook vs. Kindle is a useful effort before picking out an eBook reader.


If you would like to have an e-book reader, you can also choose the one that you may carry easily. Based on the weight, the prize goes to Amazon Kindle, which weighs just 10.2 ounces. On the other hand, the Nook is not far behind as it is just a little over 3 ounces heavier than Kindle.


This defines how many e-books they could contain. At first, both Kindle and Nook provide 2GB of space, which can accommodate about 1,500 e-books. But Barnes and Noble are providing something else. The Nook has its specific micro SD slot that you may use to expand memory, letting you store more books. The new Kindle is said to be much lighter overall as well.


Both the Kindle and the Nook have an elegant design that is same in shape and size. The reading screens are E-Ink that allows anti-glare reading in intense sunlight. Both reading screens are equal in size to 6 inches. The just difference on the word of consumers is that the Kindle is more native than the Nook. As a result, the e-reader experience gives the impression to be somewhat higher in the Amazon reader.


Barnes and Noble have been in the corporate of selling books for such a very long period, much longer than Amazon. Then, in terms of a better understanding of the requirements of the library mice, the former has an advantage. However, with the kinds of technology that Amazon can access and use in their methods, it is not delayed when it comes to offering an exceptional reading experience to anyone.


Both the Kindle and the Nook have wireless access with 3G capability. But the Nook can be synchronized with hundreds of devices through the technology of Android. This is just for the reason that the Barnes and Noble are run by Google software. On the other hand, the Kindle is the just eBook reader with global wireless capability.


The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers marketed and designed by Amazon. The Kindle has been released for quite some time and has even been revised, which led to kindle. Kinks have been described by consumers and also critics with Nook in its short period of time in the market. Barnes and Noble have been working hard to solve any error or problem reported.

Your choice, and so, will be based on what you are actually seeking. If you need stability and reliability, the Amazon Kindle is it. But if you would like to read more books, there is no doubt that the Nook will win your heart.

Which Is Best Now? The Nook Vs Kindle Updated Review

Which Is Best Now? The Nook Vs Kindle Updated Review

Nook Vs Kindle – which is the very best? It is so hard to say which e-reader is the best of the best simply because each and every e-reader has their own unique selling points. Of course, users have their own needs too and it can often present a challenge for thousands of individuals. However, while Kindle is the biggest selling device, does that really make it the very best of the best? Well, it’s great but Nook is fast becoming its main rival. So, which is the best device now?

Differences to Price

In all honesty, Nook has a fairly ground price at around one hundred dollars; if you get Plus model you might pay around one thirty. However, the Kindle has more than just one or two models, it has several and they can range from around seventy or eighty dollars all the way up to two hundred and eighty dollars with the premium Oasis model. If you are looking for a simple device then you can be set towards the lower end of the spectrum which can still be just as good as the more costly models. Kindle basic devices are great and so is Nook. Should you buy Kindle? Well, if you are looking for the cheapest e-reading device, the Kindle is for you.

Which Is Best Now? The Nook Vs Kindle Updated Review

Which Formats Can The E-Readers Support?

Kindle can in fact handle a wide variety of formats such as Kindle or AZW, PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, DOCX and JPEG, BMP and many others. On the other hand, Nook is only able to support a select few formats such as EPUB, Adobe DRM EPUB, PDF, BMP, JPG, and a few others. When it comes to deciding between Nook Vs Kindle you have to think about where you are going to buy your eBooks from. Also visit our top article here. Do you plan to buy everyday books? Or, do you plan to read a variety of magazines, books and everything else? If so, your choice can be impacted. However, you will find Kindle offers more supporting formats which can be a major advantage to say the least.

Battery Life

You will find that both the Nook and Kindle offers great battery life! Now, it is said that the Nook is slightly better but of course, it will depend on how often you keep your Wi-Fi on and how often you use the device. Both offer great charges and a good battery life, even if you are playing around with apps. If you need to know more visit this link: here. However, the basic models of the Kindle are good but it’s said the Oasis is a bit better so again kindle edges the race between the two. Does that mean Nook isn’t good and you should buy kindle? Well, no but you do need to look at other factors too and not just the battery life and its capacities. Nook might be your favorite simply because it looks nice or that you feel it’s the one for you.

What about Book Availability?

In all honesty, Amazon has millions of eBooks currently available on their site and Kindle users can absolutely buy and download them all. However, that doesn’t mean to say Nook still doesn’t have a nice selection of eBooks available because it does – but – the amount available is slightly less than Amazon. Nook Vs kindle; in terms of eBook available, Kindle wins. However, both stores have excellent choices of books and you can absolutely enjoy reading most of them too. There is something for everyone.

Who Wins the Race Overall?

It is so hard to say which E-reader is the best simply because they offer so much. On one hand you have many positive points about the Nook but on another hand, the Kindle has just as many excellent points. It is hard to say and in truth it comes down to what customers like! Unless you have tried the out for yourself, you can’t say one is better than the other. Yes, Nook might be the ideal option for those who already use it but that doesn’t mean to say the Kindle can’t offer them something too; and vice versa. Buy Kindle or Nook and see which offers you the best.

Which Is The Best E-Reader? Barnes And Nobel Nook Vs Amazon Kindle?

Which Is The Best E-Reader? Barnes And Nobel Nook Vs Amazon Kindle?

Should you buy Kindle or should you opt for a Nook? To be honest, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobel Nook are two excellent e-readers and they have certainly become some of the most popular devices of all times. There is such a need for e-readers as more and more look at reading in a newer and more modern manner. However, when it comes down to it, a lot of people struggle to know which way to turn when it comes to deciding which e-reader hits the mark for them. So which is the best e-reader – the Nook or the Kindle?

Comparing Nook and Kindle

If you want to compare Amazon’s Kindle Paper White you are going to find it costs around one hundred and twenty to Nook’s Glow Light Plus one thirty! However, the size is pretty much the same and you get a screen size of six inches with both. The Nook is slightly lighter but only by a few ounces. If you need to know more you can checkout here. The screen resolutions both hit 300 PPI and the charge capacity is really great! So, which is the better of the two? Well, Nook Vs Kindle – and you will find that depending on the model you’re buying, the Kindle might just win the race. That doesn’t mean to say Nook isn’t brilliant because it is but it might not be as popular for the time being.

Will Amazon’s Kindle Be the Very Best E-Reader?

If you want the honest answer, yes! The Kindle is a fantastic e-reader and for millions, they will truly say this is the e-reader for them. However, that shouldn’t detract anything from Barnes and Nobel Nook. The Nook is truly one of the very best e-readers and there is no end in sight for these either; and who knows where these e-readers will reach. Kindle has been around longer and for most people, they know it a lot better than the Nook. However, both models are great even if you have never tried one or both of them! They both offer an excellent way to enjoy reading eBooks and you can buy Kindle for very cheaply indeed depending on the model.

Which Is The Best E-Reader? Barnes And Nobel Nook Vs Amazon Kindle?

The Design

To be honest, the Kindle’s Paper White design is absolutely lovely! The e-reader is sleek, stylish and very fashionable. You get a nice and modern feel to the Kindle and it makes it a lot more appealing in many ways. You can easily download books and do a lot more too! If you want to compare Nook Vs Kindle, you might find Kindle has the edge when it comes to its design. It looks very nice and it’s very much affordable too so it’s ideal for most consumers.

Strong Contenders

When it comes to e-readers, you cannot get any better than a Nook or Kindle! These are really two fantastic models and certainly offer so much too all readers. These are the premium models and certainly they will appeal to most readers as well. Don’t forget to visit our other url: here.  However, which one wins between the two? Well, in a way, Nook is great and it has a lot to offer but it could be that Kindle wins the war for the moment. The reason why is simply because there are many models available so you can find the ideal solution for you, no matter what type of reader you are and they’re a lot more affordable too. Buy Kindle and see what it can offer you.

How Does The New Kindle 3 Compare about Nook Vs Kindle

How Does The New Kindle 3 Compare about Nook Vs Kindle

When it comes to Nook Vs Kindle, there are going to be a lot of people who say that it’s almost impossible to choose! You cannot blame people as to why they have such a hard time determining which e-reader is best for them. On one side of the table you have Nook, a very impressive e-reader with a lot of good quality and on the other side you have Kindle, equally impressive and lots of impressive features! However, what about the new Kindle 3? Has does it compare to your Nook?

Battery Life and Features

Let’s start with the basics! First of all, when it comes to battery life, the two devices are fairly equal. Now, if you are choosing the premium model of the Kindle, the Oasis then you will find this has the edge over the Nook. However, if you are choosing a more basic model of the Kindle then the Nook might have the slight advantage but it isn’t by much. In terms of features you can find there is a built-in light with the Nook unlike the Kindle’s basic models. However, the Kindle Fire as well as the other models has some excellent features including a host of apps! You can easily buy the Kindle paper white case and find it adds something extra too.

How Does The New Kindle 3 Compare about Nook Vs Kindle

Sturdy Built or Shoddy?

A lot of people are worried when it comes to the construction of the e-reader and whether or not they are built to last. In all honesty, the Nook and Kindle are both built to last! Now, of course, if you constantly drop the devices and are generally not careful with them then you will find they won’t last forever. Also read more on our website here for more information. However, if you’re taking good care of your device then they will last a very long time. What is more, the screens are excellent and while the Nook has slightly more resolution, the sharpness of the text with the Kindle is amazing. When it comes to Nook Vs Kindle and their construction, they both share an excellent construction. Both are built strong, very light and extremely durable too.

Costs for Devices and EBooks

There are lots of Kindle devices and they all range significantly. You can buy one from the lower end of the scale for around eighty dollars, depending on where you live and there is a higher one at over two hundred. However, the Nook is around one hundred dollars, an extra thirty for a premium Plus model but there are problems. The Nook’s Barnes and Nobel are no longer available in the UK so unless you live in the US, the Nook isn’t going to be well favored. However, in the US, it’s a popular brand and really one with a lot of options too. If you need to read extra information visit this link: here. For the Kindle, its available everywhere and there are many eBooks to buy from the Amazon Kindle store. Usually the eBooks are very inexpensive and Nook is quite the same. You can buy Kindle paper white case for very little, as with most other accessories.

The Kindle Has the Edge

You cannot say the Kindle 3 is not an impressive model because it is! There are now thousands of people who are using the Kindle on a daily basis and it is truly an e-reader to adore. There are many positive reasons to choose Kindle and in truth, it’s a premium e-reader, even the basic models. When it comes to Nook Vs Kindle, the Kindle 3 might just have the edge too!